Our Best Public Speakers

January 10th, 2012 by admin

If your daily thoughts are consumer by things like “how many calories did that yogurt have?” and “what are the best wireless internet service providers in my are” you need some eloquence in your life. You don’t have to bust out the Shakespeare but rather just listen to some of the best speakers of our time – they’re everywhere.
Barrack Obama: No matter what your politics are, Barrack has one of the most eloquent speaking voices in recent memory. He’s a powerful public speaker and for good reason – watch some old campaign videos, too.
Ina Garten: If you want soothing, look no further than the Food Network chef. Put her on in the background and lull yourself to sleep – she’s got the grammar and the vocabulary to beat and she also occasionally throws in a French word or two!
Daniel Craig: He’s bond for a reason and his great speech patterns surely don’t hurt. Whether he’s giving a press conference or in a movie on your TV Craig’s got a commanding presence on screen. He’s a powerful speaker, that’s for sure.

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