Five Speeches That Changed the Course of History

January 3rd, 2012 by admin

It is amazing how powerful and passionate words can make such an impact on a large number of people. Over the years, there have been numerous speeches that have both inspired and empowered people. These famous speeches were heard by thousands and have changed the course of history forever. Continue reading to learn about some of the amazing speeches that made an impact on many

1. I Have a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King Jr.
This speech was all about the inequality that blacks were forced to deal with. MLK Jr was brave enough to stand up for African Americans and attempt to make others realize that everyone should be treated equally and skin color should not be an issue.The whole story can be found at His speech both inspired and changed history forever.
2. Alexander the Great
He delivered a very powerful speech to his army of men when they lost the will to continue combat. His words gave them the determination, strength and passion to fight in the battle.
3. Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi delivered a very powerful speech about how peace can overcome war when India was seeking freedom from British rule. His message was powerful yet peaceful in approach and made a huge impact.
4. Duties of American Citizenship by Theodore Roosevelt
This speech was about encouraging men to do their part of helping maintain a good government. Roosevelt targeted those who excused themselves from politics.
5. We Shall Fight on the Beaches by Winston Churchill
This gave Britain’s soldiers strength during the Battle of France. His speech was very powerful and made a huge impact.
Overall, these speeches affected historical moments. Whether it was for equal rights or inspiration these speeches, were both powerful and had a positive message to its audience. These speeches will never be forgotten and will be part of the history books forever.

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