Aristotle and the Art of Rhetoric

September 7th, 2011 by admin

Aristotle and the Art of Rhetoric are a historical milestone in human history. Aristotle wrote the original work called Rhetoric sometime near the 4th century BC. It was a grand exposition on the arts of persuasion and is one of his greatest written works. Because of this treatise Aristotle is given credit for creating the systems of using rhetoric theory in the ancient times. Rhetoric was probably not intended for publication by Aristotle, but inevitably ends up being the most important work on persuasion ever put to paper. It is a collection of notations from his teaching and lectures to students during his life. It was a series of ideas that were developed while Aristotle was in Athens during two times in his life. It was a work that caused much disagreement throughout classical Greece. This debate is still alive today, but the Art of Rhetoric has become an influential written work in many circles of philosophy, art and literature into the 20th century. This shows not only the great mind that Aristotle possessed, but also the ever changing world mood from the past to the present. Aristotle would be smiling to know Rhetoric has had such long term influence.

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